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Process Flowchart

Overview of Supplier Registration Process & Next Steps

1 All suppliers should register on the PSEG Supplier Registration Website.
2 Supplier accesses website to review process and register electronically by completing the Supplier Registration Application.
3 Once application is submitted, e-mail will then be sent with a user id and password.
4 Supplier is now fully registered and all submitted information is available for internal reference.
5 As business opportunities arise, Procurement Analyst prepares criteria for RFI/RFP.
6 All potential suppliers are screened for possible RFI/RFP inclusion and if needed additional literature or meeting will be requested.
7 Supplier candidate selection for RFI/RFP is dependent on commodity, service request, and other specific established criteria.
8 Supplier candidates selected will be contacted by PSEG to participate in the RFI/RFP process.